About Us

Some people sell products. Others sell services. We sell you—to the U.S. government. 

I’ve helped clients get work visas in nearly every category: H-1B, O, L, R, P, E, J and TN. I’ve obtained client green cards in all categories, including extraordinary ability applicants, outstanding professors and researchers, executives of multinational companies, investors, national interest waivers, advanced degree holders, skilled workers, unskilled workers, and religious workers.

Other things that make us great:

  • Creativity: I see our job as an art—not a science. It involves minute judgment calls, strategic wordsmithing, and other artistic skills.
  • Direction: Like every governmental agency, U.S. Immigration Services has its quirks: from red-flagged professions to green-light descriptors. I’m good at navigating this tricky landscape—using nuance, strategy, and even subtle psychology (I was a psych major in college).
  • Accessibility: I personally answer all emails. I give all my clients my cell phone number. I’ve taken calls at all hours in the morning.
  • Perspective: I’m a former child welfare investigator for New York’s Administration for Children’s Services. I majored in psychology—and it’s definitely a daily tool I use to help you, to calm you, to strategize our way to your work visa.

I graduated 5th in my class (J.D.) at New York Law School, and have a Master’s Degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

When I’m not working, I’m the father to twins: by far my greatest accomplishment.

Senator Charles Schumer, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Charles Jason Lore, Esq.