General Questions

Do you charge a consultation fee for the first appointment?
Yes. We charge a $100 consultation fee for the initial consultation, which will be applied toward payment of your legal fee if you choose to retain us.
Can you represent me even if I’m outside of the country?
Yes, and I do so frequently. The first step would be to arrange a means of communication – usually some combination of email, Skype and mobile phone. The second step would be to find the most convenient way for you to transmit your documents to me (e.g. scan + email, Dropbox, fax, courier, etc.)
Do you offer consultations in any foreign languages?
Yes. We have staff members who are fluent in Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

O-1 Visas

Do I need a sponsor for an O-1 visa?
Yes. But the sponsorship relationship is potentially much broader. The regulations allow for you to be sponsored by an agent – someone who represents you, ostensibly for the purpose of getting you work. Which is a much more realistic proposition for most artists, for whom freelancing is not merely a convenience but a necessity.
I am not sure if I have enough evidence of my extraordinary ability. What do you think?
I really have to see a good chunk of your professional materials before I can state with some assurance what your chances of success are.

H1-B Visas

When does the H-1B period open?
Technically on April 1st, but an LCA must be filed and certified prior to filing the petition, so be sure to consult with us well in advance.
I had an H-1B but I had to leave. Is it too late to change employers?
Maybe. If there is a gap between employers, but your H-1B period is still unexpired, we can file for an extension under a new employer. If the gap is more than two weeks, the likely scenario is that the petition for a new period will be approved, but the actual extension will be denied, forcing you to leave and pick up a new visa abroad. Come in and we’ll talk.

E-1 /E-2 Visas

I’ve been told that only people from certain countries can apply for an E-1 or E-2. Is that true?
Yes. E visas were born by treaty, and only nationals from the countries that are signatories to the treaties are eligible

Marriage Cases

I married a U.S. citizen and want to file an application for a green card. Do I need a lawyer for this?
I get this question a lot. It is, of course, a loaded question, but I do my best to answer objectively. The answer is that you don’t necessarily need a lawyer, but there are a few factors to take into consideration: First, do you have any legally problematic issues? Financial problems, a history of arrests and/or convictions, or a prior violation of immigration status can all affect the processing of your case. Second, how would your marriage look to the officer? For instance, is there a big gap in age, or a language barrier between you two? Sadly, things that shouldn’t really matter do matter, and can affect whether your case is referred for a second in-person interview called a Stokes interview.