Artist Work Visas

Finding and working with a lawyer—any lawyer—can be even more stressful than your case. You don’t want someone who just knows the law: you want someone who knows it backwards and forwards. You also want someone who understands—and can relate to—your passion.

We have over ten years of expertise in obtaining work visas for artists. We’ve obtained visas for actors, musicians, dancers, directors, graphic designers, photographers, fine artists, and more. Whether you’re a recent graduate, or have a long and successful performing career, we’ll find the path for you.

Here are a few:

O-1 Visas for Artists (Up to 3 years)

You know you’ve got talent. But is it….extraordinary?

The tricky thing about an O-1 visa how completely subjective it is. There’s a lot of room for interpretation. There’s also a lot of room for misinformation. Nothing beats talking to an expert who works every day with artists just like you.

At our first consultation, we’ll review your professional work, and tell you what we’d need to move forward. And if an O-1 visa isn’t right for you, we’ll tell you that too, and suggest a viable alternative.

P-1 Visas for Entertainment Groups (1 year)

If you’re a performer from abroad, a P-1 visa could be a great visa option for you. We’d need to prove national recognition in your home country or abroad.

The legal standard isn’t quite as challenging as the O-1. Also, the visa itself can include multiple applicants—so you can bring a whole performance group in under this alternative.

P-1 Visas for Athletes (5 years)

This is for athletes with a high level of achievement.

P-3 Visas for Culturally Unique Performers (1 year)

If you’re a foreign performer whose credits aren’t in the O-1 range (yet), a P-3 visa could be another great visa option for you. The standard is much easier to meet.

EB-1 Green Card

Applying for an EB-1 green card is like preparing for an O-1 visa—on steroids. Due to a recent change in the law, this category is more challenging than ever. It takes an immense amount of preparation, and a strong attorney-client relationship.

Contact us to explore the right artist work visa for you.