Entrepreneur Work Visas

If you’re an investor or a business owner moving into the U.S. market, you’ve got the following options:

E-1 Traders (2 years)

If you seek to work for a company that engages in substantial trade with your country of national origin, then you may be eligible for this category. We recently obtained this visa for an Italian chef who wanted to import olive oil, tomatoes, spices and other ingredients from Italy.

E-1 visas are open to foreign nationals from select countries.

E-2 Investors (2 years)

If you’re investing a substantial amount of money in a U.S. business, or you’re starting a business of your own, then this visa may be the best option.

How much is a “substantial amount”? It depends on the context: a substantial amount for a real estate development company in midtown Manhattan might be much greater than that for a candy shop in Vermont. We’ll listen to your story, and advise you accordingly.

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